My own String Theory

A physicist I’m not, but I do have some ideas about string-like things. I may not be able to explain hyper dimensions, but I can turn a 2-dimensional piece of yarn into a 3-D sock or sweater.

I started knitting 2.5 years ago while my family was awaiting our first entry into the new generation: my niece was soon to be born. I was on vacation, and I saw a friend knitting a Baby Kimono. The pattern was precious and looked easy enough, so I decided to learn to knit so that I could knit THAT. Not to make scarves, not to make socks, not to have a lifelong skill, not to have something to keep me busy: just so that I could make that one project and give it to my niece. My friend gave me a quick tutorial on casting-on, knitting and purling and binding-off. Several months later, after some practice and some reading, I had a baby kimono to send to my little niece, but the knitting bug stayed with me. It should be pointed out that this was the height of Debbie Stoller’s SnB knitting craze.

I’m not nearly a pro, but I am experienced enough to have a sense of confidence when approaching my knitting. I haven’t learned every technique, but I’ve mastered the ones I’ve tried. If I can find an explanation or tutor, then I know I can do it. And it’s my own String Theory that most people can, too. Knitting isn’t advanced physics, it’s just about juggling a series of loops and twisting them into the shape you want. Sometimes it can be scary to start something new — I never thought I’d figure cables out — but I’ve found that nothing’s too difficult if you take it step by step, row by row.

Sandi Wiseheart has proclaimed 2008 a year for fearless knitting. Some of my goals this year are to complete a sweater/cardigan for myself (started), make more baby goodies for friends/family who are expecting, and to maybe finally sit down and learn the brioche stitch I’ve heard so much about. In other crafty news, I need to catch up on my scrapbooks and photo organization. I have some really cool photo presentation ideas I’ll post for those of you who like using conventional items in unconventional ways.

I hope you’ll share your 2008 knitting/crafting goals with me. I’ll be posting more pictures and maybe some videos as I dive deeper into this world of blogging. Hopefully we’ll be “seeing” more of each other!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. julie
    Feb 01, 2008 @ 19:50:05

    where can i find a copy of the baby kimono pattern, please?


  2. Heather Narbit
    Feb 02, 2008 @ 10:41:29

    It was in the Summer 2005 Interweave Knits magazine. You can order it here: There are lots of cute patterns in that issue.

    I like the baby kimono pattern because it’s all garter stitch and it’s knit in one piece. You add stitches for the arms, there’s no shaping, then you just bind off the top with the three-needle bind-off. It’s great for beginners.


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