Rewind: about felting

By way of explanation, for those of you who’ve never experienced the joys of felting, here’s how you do it:

1) Knit something using a yarn with heavy wool content.
2) Stick it a washing machine with some blue jeans and a little gentle soap. If you’re really organized, put your project in a lingerie bag or pillow case to protect it … and to make it easier to fish out of soapy water.
3) Set the water level low and the temp hot.
4) After the tank fills, keep the washer agitating; i.e., don’t let it rinse.
5) Check your project every so often. Make sure you don’t overly shrink your project.

You can also needle-felt with roving, but I haven’t tried that yet. Another adventure for another day!

These pictures are a before-and-after of my husband’s clogs. I only made the tops because I’m going to sew suede bottoms onto them. Problem is finding the right size!

Warning: You should always felt a test swatch before committing your whole project to the washing machine! The item will shrink significantly, more so lengthwise than horizontally, so plan for that in your knitting (most felted patterns do it for you).


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