Out of the woods and into the Wii

Finally! After five weeks of doctor’s appointments and antibiotics, the seasonal allergy/sinus problems are starting to clear up. While I was under the weather, a friend came over to spend time with my husband. A thoughtful guest, he brought a toy for me: Guitar Hero III for Wii. I’m a total addict now.It’s a good thing our generous guest let us borrow the game for a few days! I’m about to beat it on medium.

Something else is cutting into knitting time. So far, my husband has done all of the work as I recuperated, but it’s going to be a household-wide project. We had a leak behind our shower. How, you may ask, would one realize there was a leak behind their shower? Well, you wouldn’t until you saw a few random spots of water on the wall next to the shower. Then one may think to themselves, “Hmm, this must just be some stray droplets someone accidentally flung as they dried off or hung their towel.” Then that person may periodically check on those little spots to realize they were slowly growing, then starting to mildew. And that would be the moment a homeowner realizes they’re in BIG trouble.


There’s mold back there. We’ve sprayed a bleach solution to try to start killing it off, but the stud is rotting. There’s no telling how long the water’s been leaking back there. We’ve only been here for a little over a year. I know I mentioned I’d share some non-knitting DIY projects, but I didn’t realize it’d be major home construction!


In the balm of Nyquil

Thanks to everyone who left feedback on the buttons! Silver it is! I think both were good options, but I have to admit I was leaning toward the silver ones.

Nothing puts the kibosh on FO excitement like a sinus infection. You know I’m feeling bad when I don’t have any knitting progress to report. I usually carry my knitting everywhere, stealing stitching moments whenever possible. As I rode the bus into town yesterday, though, I purposefully left my knitting at home knowing that all I wanted to do was to lay my head against the window and try to nap. Sure enough, I left work early and regretted the attempt at normalcy. What was I thinking going to work when I was too sick to even knit?

You’d think that sick time would be perfect knitting time, but I just can’t bring myself to pick up the sticks, even for a mindless repeating project. I find that when I’m sick, I tend to just lie around like a lump. I take up my position on the couch and hunker down. I’ve even spent a few nights out here. I like the way I can prop myself up between the arm and the back, and it helps me breath a bit. Plus it allowed my husband some uninterrupted sleep.

I wish that I could make my illness work for me, turn it into some productive home time. For now, though, I’m going to take another shot of Nyquill and go back to sleep. *cough cough*

ETA: I have the best husband. I asked him to bring home some chicken noodle soup yesterday, and here’s what he brought me. He even planned ahead and got some vegetable soup for today.

FO: My first sweater!

(To explain knitting parlance, an “FO” is a “finished object” and UFO is an “unfinished object.)

I finished my first sweater, and I’m in love with it. I fear it makes me look a bit boxy, but I love it regardless. The intricate cables were a challenge, and I think they really dress up what would otherwise be a fairly simple pattern.

I need your help picking buttons. If you’re reading this, then please leave me a comment as to whether I should go with the silver (in the center of the button row) or red (at the bottom). There are detail pictures below. The pattern intended for the sweater to be worn open, but I’d like the option of buttons.

If I had it to do over again, I would have made the smaller size or I would have at least paid more attention to possible size modifications to suit me a bit better. For my first garment, however, I think it’s a smashing success (not to brag)!

Silver button: IMG_2922
Red button:IMG_2927
Some detail of the back:

The funniest knitting contest I've heard of

Sock Wars!

It’s like a tag-team sock-making race. I love it! I’m seriously considering signing up. As my hubby pointed out, the worst case scenario is that I get a pair of socks!

ETA: There’s a story on YouTube about it.

For whom the knitter knits

I’ve noticed a trend in my knitting. The seasons dictate for whom I knit. I learned to knit to make gifts, and I gave away all of my early projects: baby blankets, baby sweaters, baby hats, baby booties. In fact, baby items were another trend in and of themselves.

Now, however, with patterns so easy to find through Ravelry.com and with my subscription to Interweave Knits, I see things that I want to make for me. Case in point, I’m nearing completion of my very first adult sweater. It’s made from a lovely red cotton blend (cotton, silk and rayon). There are cables down the back and front panels, and the cardigan construction is fairly simple. I’m working on the front bands right now, then I’ll do the sleeves and finish stitching it all up. I can’t wait.

I’ve realized that no one appreciates my handknit items than me. I love the socks I’ve made, I’ve delighted in my new scarf, and I look forward to wearing my neckwarmer. Part of me is sad that I haven’t made more things for me to enjoy, but part of me feels selfish for making things for myself, as if all my knitting time should be devoted to gifts. I mean, the process of creating is itself enjoyable to me, so why do I deserve the double pleasure of keeping the finished good?

I think the answer to the conundrum is a middle road. There’s a healthy balance of knitting for others and keeping things for ourselves. Instead of saving all of my Christmas projects until November, I should space them out and intersperse them amid my personal knitting.

So that being said, I’m making a baby blanket for my nephew-to-be. I didn’t finish my niece’s blanket until she was born. I was a much slower knitter then. I’m about 1/3 finished with my nephew’s blanket and I have months to spare until he’s here. I’m making it out of some admittedly cheap yarn, but it’s so soft I can buck up and ignore its artificial origins. If you haven’t felt “Pitter Patter” by Hobby Lobby’s Baby Bee line, then give it a try. It feels like chenille even though it’s polyester.

A new low

I haven’t been on a knitting-related buying spree since Christmas. I did break down today, though, to look at back issues of Interweave Knits for projects I want to do. While looking around on the site, I downloaded the pattern for the Babette Blanket. The problem? Babette is crochet, and I haven’t crocheted in over 20 years. What’s worse? I knew the blanket was a crochet project but bought the pattern anyway. It’s so beautiful. Just like the Baby Kimono made me want to learn to knit, I think this is the project that will get me crocheting!

Spring II: The Revenge

Just as I was enthusing about the arrival of Spring, reality caught up. I’m allergic to … well, everything! I may have made my own bed with all the fresh flowers I keep in the house, too. On Wednesday, as I laid on the couch with the worst sinus headache I’ve ever had, I finally walked a beautiful bouquet of lilies and roses outside because I was convinced the pollen in the lilies was only making me sicker.

Unfortunately, I was so sick all week that I barely touched my projects. On the flip-side, I missed knitting so much that I went crazy yesterday and finished up some projects and started a few new ones. I did finish that scarf I was working on last weekend, and I’m planning a special photo shoot for it. The hat above will be its mate, though I think that this hat may actually just be a test project to determine what I really want to do.

I finished the felted clogs I made for my husband. We were waiting on suede bottoms to sew onto them. Turns out, we overestimated the size, and the clogs are HUGE. We had bought 10.5″ bottoms, and were worried they were too small since they fit him exactly (almost too small). So we went with the largest size, 12″, and found out that they’re massive! I had planned on using the 10.5″ bottoms for me, but now I’m pretty sure we’ll have the same problem with mine. 😦

The good news is that I knit my own clog tops and felted them. I used Cascade 220 Quattro, which made a really interesting pattern (see below). The four different colored strands in the yarn felted into a flecked confetti-like fabric that looks really neat. I highly recommend it. I tend to avoid using variegated yarns because I don’t like the way they stripe up unevenly and pool the colors, but having all of the colors equally distributed throughout looks really cool.

I think I missed blogging as much as I missed knitting! I’m going to save the rest of my progress for another entry, though, before this one grows unwieldy.