Spring II: The Revenge

Just as I was enthusing about the arrival of Spring, reality caught up. I’m allergic to … well, everything! I may have made my own bed with all the fresh flowers I keep in the house, too. On Wednesday, as I laid on the couch with the worst sinus headache I’ve ever had, I finally walked a beautiful bouquet of lilies and roses outside because I was convinced the pollen in the lilies was only making me sicker.

Unfortunately, I was so sick all week that I barely touched my projects. On the flip-side, I missed knitting so much that I went crazy yesterday and finished up some projects and started a few new ones. I did finish that scarf I was working on last weekend, and I’m planning a special photo shoot for it. The hat above will be its mate, though I think that this hat may actually just be a test project to determine what I really want to do.

I finished the felted clogs I made for my husband. We were waiting on suede bottoms to sew onto them. Turns out, we overestimated the size, and the clogs are HUGE. We had bought 10.5″ bottoms, and were worried they were too small since they fit him exactly (almost too small). So we went with the largest size, 12″, and found out that they’re massive! I had planned on using the 10.5″ bottoms for me, but now I’m pretty sure we’ll have the same problem with mine. 😦

The good news is that I knit my own clog tops and felted them. I used Cascade 220 Quattro, which made a really interesting pattern (see below). The four different colored strands in the yarn felted into a flecked confetti-like fabric that looks really neat. I highly recommend it. I tend to avoid using variegated yarns because I don’t like the way they stripe up unevenly and pool the colors, but having all of the colors equally distributed throughout looks really cool.

I think I missed blogging as much as I missed knitting! I’m going to save the rest of my progress for another entry, though, before this one grows unwieldy.



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