FO: Night Night II

Two and a half years ago, my niece was born. Somewhere during my sister’s pregnancy, I decided that I needed to knit a baby blanket. I think I started in January, or early in the year, months before her October due date. Somehow it took me an entire year to finish that blanket. The blanket is REALLY soft (I used Pitter Patter from Hobby Lobby’s Baby Bee Yarn Bee line), and my little niece loves it. As a baby, she would stick her fingers and toes through the holes in the knitting and squeeze it. My sister saw her do that again just the other day.

At bed time, my sister and her husband would say, “Let’s go night-night,” and my niece would grab her blanket to take to bed. So of course the words and the item became intertwined in her little head. Since she’s been talking, the blanket’s name has been “Night Night.”

My niece became so attached that she dragged the blanket everywhere until my sister began worrying that the blanket would fall apart. So a new routine was established. In the morning, Night Night had to be put on a shelf from which it could be retreived at bedtime. It can make special apperances, I believe, but I think it’s wise to avoid a Linus-like attachment to the fuzzy friend.

When my sister announced she’s pregnant with her second child, the counter for a new blanket began. I started later than I intended, but I beat the clock. My sis is due in early May, and the blanket was finished yesterday. As I bound off this new blanket, I remembered making the first Night Night, and how I didn’t purl correctly then. You can see the pattern on the older one, but it’s less defined. It’s such a great example of how imperfections don’t always mar the finished object.

It will be interesting to me to see what my nephew’s relationship to his blanket will be. I wonder if it will become his favorite as it did for his sister, or if it will be just one of his many other blankets. It won’t hurt my feelings either way (especially since I already hit one out of the ballpark), but it’s curious to think about as I hold this soft pile of knits and purls.



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  1. Kristen
    Apr 21, 2008 @ 13:48:51

    Awww. That’s so sweet! Pretty soon I’ll be starting a nursing shawl for my best friend. 🙂


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