Knit Night Party

Mama Llama is hosting a knitting party on June 28. I’m really looking forward to it. I have to admit I haven’t actually tried her yarn yet; my yarn store doesn’t have it, and I live almost as far as possible (while being in the same city) from the stores that do. I’ve heard good things, though, and I always prefer independent sellers to those big mass-marketed behemoths (though some of those are pretty nice, I have to admit). If you want to try some of her yarn yourself, Sonny and Shear, Wool Girl, kpixie and Earth Faire carry some of her lines.

The shower saga continues. We have procured a replacement, so now it’s just installation. Meanwhile, the upstairs shower has begun leaking through our kitchen ceiling again.


Yarn Sale!

I just got home from the big trip, and I decided to switch on my computer to see what’s happening. As I cleaned up my inbox, a few new messages arrived, including one from Kris at Sonny and Shear announcing 20% off all yarn in honor of the tax rebate/economic stimulus checks. The coupon code? GeorgeGaveMeYarnMoney

The coolest thing to happen in NYC? To me: Walking past John Krasinski in TriBeCa while he was just out walking about, probably heading home. We were on our way to Purl (more soon). To my husband: attending a taping of the Letterman show and watching Kevin Spacey toss his Jamba Juice on the floor. It was funny, I have to admit.

Sometimes You Have to Have Faith


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Look at this mess! I have a gi-normous stockinette purse with these messy little stars all over it. Somehow, through the miracle of felting, it will turn into a beautiful, shapely purse. And I have faith in that process. After I snip some ends, then throw everything into the wash, it will come out OK. There’s a metaphor for life in there somewhere.

The trouble is I want to do this NOW, but I’m in the middle of packing to leave early, early tomorrow morning! I delayed packing so that I could finish knitting the branch. I finished the little flowers on the bus home yesterday.

Maybe the bus is the key to that metaphor I’m looking for. While I was waiting for my commute home, I was tapping my foot impatiently and frowning at the passing traffic. My bus stop isn’t in the best part of town, so I’m typically on guard. A homeless man came by digging for recyclables in the trash, and of course there was a can right near where I was sitting. I was worried when he spoke directly to me, but as I turned to hear better, he was grinning at me. “Don’t you frown, ma’am. Tomorrow’s always a better day.” It lifted my spirits, and I was happy to take encouragement from such a nice guy. It reminded me to be more conscious of my good life, to enjoy the comfort and peace I have, and maybe spread it around a bit. It all comes out in the wash, right?

This purse was a fun and easy knit, and it was much faster than I expected. The picture of Noni’s official product looks so intricate; I never thought I’d actually finish making this bag when I first bought the pattern. Oddly, it only took a week or so of intermittent knitting to finish the pieces. Once I felt them, I realize there will be a lot of work sewing everything together, then attaching some handles, maybe lining it. I’m looking forward to picking out some stunning handles.

I’ll be away most of next week, but look for me on the Letterman show Monday night! No, I’m not a guest, but I’ll be in the audience watching the stupid pet tricks!

Non-Knitting news: Must-see play

I highly recommend the Little Theater’s current production: “See How They Run.” There are only four performances left, so grab tickets soon! It’s a hilarious mad-cap comedy set in England during the 1940’s. I don’t want to give much away, as I went in blissfully ignorant of the plot and loved the twists and turns. Let’s just say there’s a lot of mistaken identity. Barbara Downer did a great job directing the talented cast. And I may be biased, but Laura Heller is a superb Penelope. I laughed so hard I wished I could hit rewind and watch it again.

On the knitting front, I’m working like crazy on my first Noni bag. I’m also looking forward to visiting a NYC knitting boutique this weekend! I’ll only allow myself one little splurge, so I’m trying to decide what it will be. I’ll probably just end up buying Joelle’s books (I’ve flipped through her knitting book and LOVE it). It would be cool to bring home some yarn, though. Maybe I’ll grab some of their custom sock yarn. Sock yarn is great since it doesn’t take up too much room in the luggage!

Non-knitting craft: Bamboo photo display, Part 2

I’ve been meaning to share this with you. Here’s one of my honeymoon photo displays I came up with as a variation on my directions earlier.

WIP* it good!

My husband was out of town this weekend, so I went nuts. I began reorganizing my “office,” read cluttered junk room. I’ve had visions of it becoming both a crafting area and a real¬†workable office. You know, a place where you could imagine Martha Stewart working on her magazine, except not so “so.” Instead, my husband and I have piled up everything we haven’t found a place for, and the room’s become populated with mounds of paperwork, piles of unused decorations and the general detritus of life.

¬†I’ll take a picture to share, because you may laugh at my progress. Instead of looking cleaner, the room looks even more in shambles. Or at least equally. The organization is overall much better, however, and the space is more useable. Now it’s just to file away all those mounds, stash the piles and sort through the detritus.

Also this weekend, I cast on for several more projects! I couldn’t help myself. My knitting attention span was at zero. As soon as I started one thing, I decided I’d prefer to work on another. I like having several projects going at once, though, especially as the socks I’m working on are killers! Lace AND cables in the same pattern, whoa!

*WIP is knitter-speak for “works in progress.”

WEBS Sale (catastrophe averted)

WEBS just announced its May sale yarns and thankfully there’s nothing that I “need.”