WIP* it good!

My husband was out of town this weekend, so I went nuts. I began reorganizing my “office,” read cluttered junk room. I’ve had visions of it becoming both a crafting area and a real workable office. You know, a place where you could imagine Martha Stewart working on her magazine, except not so “so.” Instead, my husband and I have piled up everything we haven’t found a place for, and the room’s become populated with mounds of paperwork, piles of unused decorations and the general detritus of life.

 I’ll take a picture to share, because you may laugh at my progress. Instead of looking cleaner, the room looks even more in shambles. Or at least equally. The organization is overall much better, however, and the space is more useable. Now it’s just to file away all those mounds, stash the piles and sort through the detritus.

Also this weekend, I cast on for several more projects! I couldn’t help myself. My knitting attention span was at zero. As soon as I started one thing, I decided I’d prefer to work on another. I like having several projects going at once, though, especially as the socks I’m working on are killers! Lace AND cables in the same pattern, whoa!

*WIP is knitter-speak for “works in progress.”


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