Babies, babies everywhere!

The change in the weather has stomped all over my knitting mojo. When it’s warm outside, you want to enjoy it (or hide from it). You want to recline in the shade or swim in the pool or tromp through the garden (or sit inside under a fan with the A/C on). You do not want to haul around balls of wool to turn into sweaters.

That being said, I’ve brainstormed several summer projects. First, I wanted to make a tank top. Then I fixated on a bolero. After determining I didn’t have enough suitable yarn for either of those (and not wanting to get more if it could be avoided), I fixated on the Clapotis, which makes no sense for summer knitting. I considered using the stash of Classic Elite Bam Boo I stored up during a Yarns 2 Ewe sale intending to make a baby sweater. Since that hasn’t happened yet, why not a bamboo Clapotis? Nix, not enough of that, either.

And then I realize, I have like a bajillion baby showers to go to! After finishing my nephew’s blanket finally, I was in no mood for baby knitting. Now, however, I have a deadline to consider. Namely, a shower tomorrow, then one next weekend, with surely more to come! As a former newspaperwoman, deadlines speak to me and offer creativity. That said, I’m recycling a tried and true pattern for most of the gifts but inventing a new one as I go. We’ll see how it turns out (no details until after the first shower, at least).

Why so many babies? My best thought is that after college, everyone has that year where it seems like everyone they know got married. For my husband and me, that year happened a few years ago, so now all those people have decided it’s time to start a family! Or, as so many people like to say, it’s in the water.


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