End of an era

I try to post every weekend, so where was I this time around? Closing out Baby Shower Season. That’s right, four showers in less than two months. The first of the babies have been born, in fact, and number two will be here any day now. How have I done on my baby knitting? Not so good. I have some hand protectors I need to mail to Austin, and one imperfect hat that I keep changing my mind on (it’s awful, it’s OK, it’s hideous, it’s not so bad). My own poor nephew has only gotten a blanket from me, unlike his big sis who already had a menagerie of animals and a sweater by this point. (Nephew makes the baby count 5, FYI, but he was born too far away for me to visit.)

So, there’s really not much to say in this post. Just mea culpa, I’ll catch up on the knitting and the writing this week!


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  1. Carol
    Aug 05, 2008 @ 19:05:42

    Just stumbled across your blog while trying to gather info on an uncle with whom we’ve lost contact.

    I’m in LOVE! I live in West Des Moines Iowa, LYS Knitted Together, and am also on Ravelry, “Wiz.”

    Bookmarked you in my faves!


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