In Consideration of Will

 It seems natural for bloggers who share their daily lives and observations to share their annoyances, too. My favorite bloggers do this occassionally, and always deal with their subjects humorously. So far, I’ve tried not to post any of my frequent Andy Rooney-esque rants since I don’t know if I can manage the light tone I admire. I can pretend to tie this one into knitting, though.

Last night, we went to the Houston Shakespeare Festival’s performance of “Julius Caesar.” We brought our folding chairs and politely set up in the chairs-only area. Despite the large “No Cell Phones” and “No Smoking” signs painted on the stage, we were harassed by both problems. The teenagers on one side chatted away, despite one of their mothers shushing them. The party behind us lit up repeatedly and talked straight through the final scene. The family on the other side left after someone finally asked them to quiet their very young (and very loud) children.

I understand that the performances are free, so people don’t feel as invested. And sitting on a lawn, there’s not the formal feeling of a theater. Nonetheless, why are others so inconsiderate of those around them? Why bother coming to a play you’re not interested in?

It reminds me of a discussion on rules that the Yarn Harlot started on her blog. It also made me want to whip out a George Costanza impression: “We’re living in a society here, people!” How should one handle rule-breakers around you, especially when they’re ruining your evening?

After the play, we went to a coffee shop, and watched as a young woman backed her BMW into a Lexus. She nervously noticed us watching, so she went over and checked the bumper, but took off without leaving a note. We sat around our table discussing the various notes we’d leave on the Lexus if we found damage: we could write a note ratting her out, or we could just pretend to be her in the note. Regardless, we delighted in figuring out how to mete out justice. I was glad to find there was no damage, so she acted responsibly enough; but I was a little disappointed I couldn’t help instill some vigilante order.

I did begin a new baby hat. I worked on it while waiting for my friends before the play. I’m knittig it flat based on a pattern I have, but I’m afraid my gauge is horribly off. I’m knitting a smallish newborn size, but the yarn I’m using calls for larger needles than the pattern. I’m hoping it will fit a baby with a good-size melon, but I’m sort of afraid it’s big enough to fit a 1-year-old. I’m going to knit a few more rows, then figure out how the sizing is working out.


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