Lake Charles knitting info

Thanks to Carole and Patricia, I have information on a knitting group in Lake Charles. Carole says there used to be a local yarn shop, but now some of the people who met there, meet at Joe Muggs in Books-a-Million on Ryan Street. Patricia ( on Ravelry) says the next meeting is Oct. 4, and that they meet every other Saturday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Next time I’m in town, I hope to stop by and visit. Thanks for the great information, everyone!

I’ve made lots of progress on the camo blanket I’m making for my husband. It’s a huge acrylic monster, so it’s hard to want to knit on it. Sitting in a dark, warm house after the hurricane got me a few inches! It’s just too big now to take on a plane or bus, so it’s pretty much a home only project.

I was working on a Lace Capelet, but I misinterpreted the pattern in one key spot and cast on too tightly. So now I have over half a capelet that won’t fit over my shoulders and with an incorrect lace pattern. It doesn’t look bad, so I’m considering cutting the cast on edge and juryrigging something. I’ve never done something so potentially destructive, so I’ll keep you posted. I’m also thinking about putting this aside and casting on for Ice Queen with a ball of the same yarn … and possibly unraveling the capelet if I need more.

I’ve got some serious knitting ADD going on. With the blanket being so un-fun to knit, the capelet not working out well, and me not really wanting to work on anything else I have on the needles, I keep dreaming of what I wish I were knitting instead!


I'm back!

I’m going to have to catch up on some stuff around here, but we’re home. Our house is fine, but we didn’t have internet access before we left for our trip, nor while we were away. More soon!!!

Fire in Galveston

There’s a lot of smoke on the TV from the East End of Galveston. No one’s quite sure as to what building is burning, but it’s near UTMB and the yacht club. Now theyr’e saying a transformer blew and caught a fuel source on fire. Firefighters can’t reach the spot, however, because of the high water.

┬áIt’s creepily still outside this minute. Earlier we had a bit of wind and some light rain. It should be a few more hours before we get the real stuff, though.

We were supposed to take off from IAH Sunday afternoon, but Continental e-mailed us suggesting we take them up on the offer to change our plans for free, so we did. We backed up our departure and return by one day. Hopefully the delays will clear by then and we won’t have any damage to deal with.

I’m getting a lot of knitting done on a blanket for my husband! I know there are a few other knitters who evacuated to nearby spots, so maybe we’ll have a post-Ike knit-in.

Weather refugee

We’re just hanging out waiting for the storm to come. Galveston is already going under water; I heard 3 looters in Kemah were arrested. Not much news otherwise. I think our house will be OK, but this is our first hurricane as homeowners, so it’s stressful!

Some useful sites (copy and paste, my editor’s acting weird and won’t let me make links):
City of Houston wind estimates by zip code:
NOAA advisory’s and path projections:
Chronicle’s Hurricane Central:
And of course, the American Press’ storm blog:

Mandatory Evac

My zip code was called this morning. Hubby’s packing up his lab, I’m throwing our things together, and then we’re heading inland to my parents’ house. Sunday, we leave for vacation, so I hope things go OK here! It’s stressful packing for evacuation AND vacation all at once! See you when I get back. I’ll update if I have news.

What can you do with two skeins of yarn?

This! The shrug took just barely over one skein of my Kool-Aid yarn. If I followed the pattern exactly, it probably would’ve only needed one, but I added a bit of length to the sleeves and to the shrug overall. It was a bit of a guessing game since I was using a different gauge. It turned out exactly like I wanted, though! I’m thrilled with it!

The headband is Calorimetry, and I’ve wanted to knit this for a while. It was a really easy, quick knit. I don’t know how much I’ll need it around here, but it’s a fun piece. And I still have about half a skein of yarn left! I’m not sure if it’s enough for another Calorimetry, but I want to knit something else with it while I’m still excited about the colors! Suggestions?

FYI, I knit Calorimetry by the book, but I think I could’ve used less rows. Mine turned out really tall for some reason. I thought I had the right gauge, but I don’t think it looks too bad. It makes it look more like a hat from the front than a headband.

IMG_3748 IMG_3754