Fire in Galveston

There’s a lot of smoke on the TV from the East End of Galveston. No one’s quite sure as to what building is burning, but it’s near UTMB and the yacht club. Now theyr’e saying a transformer blew and caught a fuel source on fire. Firefighters can’t reach the spot, however, because of the high water.

 It’s creepily still outside this minute. Earlier we had a bit of wind and some light rain. It should be a few more hours before we get the real stuff, though.

We were supposed to take off from IAH Sunday afternoon, but Continental e-mailed us suggesting we take them up on the offer to change our plans for free, so we did. We backed up our departure and return by one day. Hopefully the delays will clear by then and we won’t have any damage to deal with.

I’m getting a lot of knitting done on a blanket for my husband! I know there are a few other knitters who evacuated to nearby spots, so maybe we’ll have a post-Ike knit-in.


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  1. sunny
    Sep 18, 2008 @ 22:01:01

    H – I have been thinking so much about yall. Is everything still ok? Call me when you can.


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