I promise, I'm not hiding!

Wow, things have been busy here Post-Ike. Work has been a bear. My remote access hasn’t been working, so I’ve been commuting a lot more than usual — and unable to take my beloved bus because of timing issues.

But enough complaining. Look at that camouflage blanket! It’s a litle over half done, and actually already longer than it is in that picture. My husband held it up today while I compared its size to a quilt my mom made, though, and it’s not nearly close. I was hoping I’d have an excuse to stop soon. I’m about to reach the end of the pattern IF I were making it regular sized, but I expect I’ll need to add at least two extra panels to get the size my hubby wants.

The pattern is really neat, with a row of yarn over’s in between large swaths of stockinette all bordered with seed stitch. Sadly, I’ve never been able to take a picture where the pattern is actually visible. In person — and I guess most of you will have to take my word for it — it’s quite nice.

I’m excited because the big truck came by this morning to remove our storm debris! Too bad we hadn’t mowed or else we could’ve loaded on some grass clippings!

And on the baby news front, the last of the children of the summer of baby showers was born last weekend! Today we’re off to the baptism of one of the earlier little guys. I still have yet to make the hats I promised (to myself) for any of the last three of the five!

Speaking of little knit hats, I highly recommend that you look at this link. It’s a project from Save the Children that I’ve participated in before. It’s so touching to tie a little note onto a hat for a kid you will probably never meet and send it off. Here’s a link straight to the PDF of the action kit.


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  1. twistedtexan
    Oct 04, 2008 @ 21:22:04

    You are a saint for having to deal with miles and miles of “camo” acrylic. 😉


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