A sinus infection or something took hold this week and knocked me off my feet. I’m so close to finishing the camo blanket, but I haven’t felt up to picking up my needles all week. I’m sitting on the couch right now rewatching “Donnie Darko” and sucking on a throat losenge. Life is not exciting at my house. The good news, however, is that we had a guy come out and look at our shower problems. Sometime in the coming weeks, we’ll have new shower walls both upstairs and down! Yay! (I haven’t beared to post about the showers because it’s so dang depressing.) I’ll update photos soon.

Back to the blanket, it’s almost as tall as me now, which makes switching sides unwieldly. Heck, it makes the whole project unwieldly. I’m hoping I can cast off next week and be done with it for good. I almost ran out of the boucle yarn (I’m doublestranding), and Ravelry saved the day. I found another Raveler who was looking to offload two skeins of exactly what I needed. She even threw in a sweater she was working on that she didn’t like for me to frog if I needed more. Ravelry is amazing! None of my local craft stores had the color I needed, so I would’ve had to order it online for more money. Instead, I was able to take it off the hands of a fellow knitter and we both got a deal!


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