Monogamous knitting

I FINISHED THE BLANKET! Remember that massive thing I held up a few weeks ago? It’s done! It grew taller than me and can cover our queen-sized bed! Hubby is thrilled, and I haven’t even woven in my ends yet. So cute, the first thing he said was, with genuine excitement, “Want to take pictures for Ravelry?” (I didn’t. I was done touching it for a few hours. I promise a picture soon, though.)

It’s so good to be done with it! I don’t even know what to do now because I’ve been so monogamous to this project lately! I’m sick of the acrylic, though, that I may pick up some of my Malabrigo or some nice lace. I do have some Kid Silk Night waiting around for me to make Ice Queen.

 My Ravelry project page says that I started the blanket in December 2006. I do think I bought the yarn then and cast on for my first try. I doubled the width of the pattern or something insane, so I ripped it out and tried a smaller width. Then I needed the needles and put everything on stitch holders, which was a disaster. I eventually ripped it all out again (it never got past a few inches) and started over this September. I did a few rows here and then. When Hurricane Ike hit, the blanket was only about four or five inches long. I think I tripled it that weekend. From there, I was just trying to push through. My husband was patient as he’s been asking for this blanket for years.

In other news, we just put our deposit down for Guitar Hero: World Tour! We are totally excited!


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  1. Carol
    Oct 23, 2008 @ 18:31:46

    Have enjoyed catching up on what’s been going on in your life since the evac. Finishing that giant blanket, you now have a bit of a feel for what labor and delivery of a baby are like! It feels so good when it’s over!!!


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