Why are people so mean?

I’ve avoided political posts all election season, and I still don’t intend to delve into my political preferences now. Don’t let that fool you, though. I’ve always been very politically involved, and I have strong opinions. I just try to not shove them down other people’s throats in unexpected venues.

This election has me excited. I’ve never made a campaign contribution before, nor have I ever put up a yard sign or bumper sticker, but I did all this time. Scratch bumper sticker, I got a nifty car magnet. I was so happy with it. It crossed my mind for a split second as I slapped it on my car that someone could take it, but I immediately shrugged it off. People have “Support Our Troops” magnets, autism magnets, various forms of cancer magnets, and those never seem to go missing. Surely no one would stoop to stealing my personal property off of my car, right?

Wrong. I went to the store this evening and parked next to a car with a magnet backing the same candidate. I was so excited to admire them together as you don’t see many around here. When I walked around the back of my car (which I do often, but not daily), I was crestfallen to see my magnet gone. And it’s a strong magnet, it’s unlikely it fell off.

 My only hope is that another supporter who couldn’t afford one of his own took it and is proudly sporting it on his vehicle. I am so angry, though. I bought a total of three yard signs so that I could immediately replace mine if it went missing (and then subsequently gave them away, but that’s pointless, I did plan ahead). I honestly never thought someone would stoop to taking what looks just like a bumper sticker. Would they have defaced my car if it wasn’t a magnet? Why is it that I can walk past the opponent’s propaganda and resort to muttering under my breath, but some sticky-fingered jerk gets to take away my freedom of speech?

Sorry for the rant. I promise more yarn-filled goodness soon to make up for it.


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