The Facebook Hole

My husband had to work last Saturday. When he came home, I was staring intently at my computer. Without looking up, I moaned, “I fell in the Facebook hole.” I’ve resisted the temptation of surfing at work (except a quick friend confirmation here and there), but it’s a definite time waster! What’s amazing is that in just 8 days I managed to find 100 friends, mostly high school and college friends I’d lost track of with a few childhood friends thrown in for good measure. The best feeling is when someone you thought had surely forgotten you friends you.

 It’s really interesting to see where people have ended up and what they’re doing. It’s funny to see that high school really isn’t a great indicator of who you will become. Looking back, it’s true of my own life for sure. As cliched as it sounds, I “discovered” myself in college. It makes sense that others had the same transformative experience.

 Oh, Facebook, how I love my friends’ funny status updates. Thank you for helping me stay connected to my buds!


Sonny and Shear

I thought I’d ordered from Sonny and Shear before, but apparently not. I’d remember this kind of customer service! I placed an order last week for one skein of Dream in Color Classy and one Fiber Trends pattern. It arrived today with a handwritten thank-you card and two bags of Stash (ha, ha) tea to try. Plus, they bagged everything separately, my pattern was wrapped in plastic with the shipping list while my yarn had its own little protective bag with ribbons and all.

Not only is it smart to ship yarn wrapped to protect it from rain, ink, etc., but it was like getting a little present. Sure, a present I paid for, but it made me smile nonetheless.



Busy weekend over

If only there was one more day in this weekend! I had the nasty realization today that I haven’t even begun Christmas shopping yet, with, what, 39 days left? I have some holiday knitting projects that I haven’t even started. I’m still waiting on yarn I ordered just last week for one of them. My typical organization is completely missing this year.

Friday, we watched the space shuttle launch with friends. Yesterday we attended a friend’s wedding. Today, we went to Sunday brunch in Montrose, and then Phil’s been working on installing our new shower enclosure. It would be nice to have a day to ourselves to catch up on other things and relax! Not that I’m complaining, we’ve had a great weekend and the weather’s been lovely.

I don’t have any knitting news of my own. I had to rip out some lace I had started and I’ve started over with a new pattern. I’ve only done a few inches in the last few weeks. I used all my mojo on my friend’s scarf that I still haven’t delivered!

Speaking of scarves, I have a few new knitting buddies. I taught some gals from my book club how to knit, and one of them has already finished her first scarf! She dove right in and used a multi-colored pattern. She’s fearless! She wore the scarf to brunch this morning, and it’s beautiful! I’ll have to get a picture because the colors are wonderful and there’s a neat interlocking effect between the color changes that makes the scarf look sort of like puzzle pieces.

I’m dreading returning to work tomorrow, partly because I got a call today that the heat will be out in my building all week! Ninety percent of the year, that wouldn’t be a problem. A cold front moved through this weekend, though, that actually kicked on the heat in my house last night. I do not deal well with cold. I’m already planning on bringing my Fetching so that I can type. I’m trying to think of other knit-wear that I need.

Completely safe non-political post

Nov. 4 was the BEST day ever BECAUSE our shower got fixed!!!!! Remember that gaping hole in the wall? (If not, see slideshow below.) It is no more!!! We got the upstairs bathroom fixed, too, while we were at it.

And in a weird case of it being a small world after all, the repairman used to work with my dad back in Lake Charles!

Completely unsafe political post

YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!! I woke up yesterday morning like I was in a Disney cartoon, singing and floating on air. I wish I had waited to vote on Election Day rather than early vote just to get that little bit of extra happiness. As it was, I was pretty thrilled all day long anyway.

I started the hat in that picture at 6 p.m. Central as polls began closing. The picture was taken at midnight just before I went to bed. We stayed up to see how some of the local races turned out. It was a mixed bag for us locally.

However, we watched the results with likeminded friends, and we were all thrilled when President Obama was named! We even received some phone calls from friends sharing in the joy! I ran outside with the friend I “kidnapped” last week and we looked around for other jubilant people. Nothing except a couple walking a dog. She shouted out, “Did you hear the news? It’s Obama!” The people were rather unexcitable, so their reaction was hard to judge. I pointed out to my friend that we were standing next to a rather large Obama sign in my yard, so they may not have felt entirely free to express themselves.

Our joy got stomped on pretty quickly. I should explain, that I am by no means a hard-core Democrat. I was raised in a fairly conservative home and have had drastically differing opinions over the course of my life. I’ve never voted a straight party ticket. During the primaries, I told many that if McCain got the Republican nomination, I’d consider voting for him, and I did consider it until he made some rather mind-blowing decisions. That’s one of the reasons that the reactions of some McCain supporters have so upset me.

As my friend arrived at her home last night, someone was in the middle of stealing her Obama yard sign. She and her husband followed the car until the thieves threw the sign out of the car window. I asked a woman at work today how she was doing (as I ask most of my coworkers most mornings unless I opt for “good morning” instead) and I got a loud political rant.

Really, people, let me sum it up for you. Everyone in this world wants what’s best for themselves and their children. We all want a place where our families can grow up in peace and prosperity with as little trouble as possible. We just disagree at times on how to reach that end. I completely respect other people’s opinions when delivered with reason and intelligence, and I even enjoy discussing different ideas. Neither political party wants to do us harm. And a politician is just a politician, we’re all going to disagree with them at some point in time, and they’re all going to make mistakes.

America’s survived some pretty bad stuff, and in no way does last night amount to a bad thing. Our democracy worked, and Americans picked the candidate they thought could best lead us through the next four years. The majority agreed on Barack Obama. Party changes happen, and the losing side always feels bad about it (I know, I’ve been there, I’ve voted for losers on both tickets). But please, can we respect each other a little bit and give each other some credit for hoping for a better tomorrow?

Frost/Nixon (Bush)

Stay with me, this isn’t a political post. Today, I went with some friends to see “Frost/Nixon,” a play about an interview Nixon gave after his resignation. The play recounted the indictments against Nixon, but I felt it was overall a little sympathetic to the man. More so, it was an interesting look at how one of the biggest moments of 20th Century journalism played out.

But what all of us talked about as we left the theater was the fact that President George H.W. Bush (the father) was there. People in Houston often swap stories about when they’ve seen the president around, and I’m always disappointed I’ve never been in the room with him. I’ve eaten at his favorite barbecue joint (Otto’s), his favorite pizza place (Fuzzy’s – Houston revolves around food if you can’t tell) and I always search for him when I’m at the baseball park or a charity gala. The guy just never shows up when I’m there. Today, though, we walked in right as the play was about to begin. As we sat, suddenly everyone stood up and began clapping. There was H.W. walking in with Barbara.

I always love it when the actors break the third wall. In the very first scene, as Nixon (played by Stacy Keech) is about to announce his resignation, he shouts, “Are there any Secret Service agents in the room?” The audience chuckled, then laughed, then applauded as it dawned on everyone how funny it was he was playing straight to the Bushes. He roared, “Then get out!” and quickly added, “I’m just kidding.” I’m not sure how much of that was his own addition, but it added some nice levity.

The themes of the play, being partly about how a man deals with life after the presidency, were interesting to consider in the presence of a former president. One couldn’t help but think how he viewed the play as his political career was taking off about the time Nixon’s was crashing. Doubly so, how he reconciles the worries he’s expressed about his son with this stark view of a man corrupted by power.