Busy weekend over

If only there was one more day in this weekend! I had the nasty realization today that I haven’t even begun Christmas shopping yet, with, what, 39 days left? I have some holiday knitting projects that I haven’t even started. I’m still waiting on yarn I ordered just last week for one of them. My typical organization is completely missing this year.

Friday, we watched the space shuttle launch with friends. Yesterday we attended a friend’s wedding. Today, we went to Sunday brunch in Montrose, and then Phil’s been working on installing our new shower enclosure. It would be nice to have a day to ourselves to catch up on other things and relax! Not that I’m complaining, we’ve had a great weekend and the weather’s been lovely.

I don’t have any knitting news of my own. I had to rip out some lace I had started and I’ve started over with a new pattern. I’ve only done a few inches in the last few weeks. I used all my mojo on my friend’s scarf that I still haven’t delivered!

Speaking of scarves, I have a few new knitting buddies. I taught some gals from my book club how to knit, and one of them has already finished her first scarf! She dove right in and used a multi-colored pattern. She’s fearless! She wore the scarf to brunch this morning, and it’s beautiful! I’ll have to get a picture because the colors are wonderful and there’s a neat interlocking effect between the color changes that makes the scarf look sort of like puzzle pieces.

I’m dreading returning to work tomorrow, partly because I got a call today that the heat will be out in my building all week! Ninety percent of the year, that wouldn’t be a problem. A cold front moved through this weekend, though, that actually kicked on the heat in my house last night. I do not deal well with cold. I’m already planning on bringing my Fetching so that I can type. I’m trying to think of other knit-wear that I need.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kristen
    Nov 17, 2008 @ 16:36:15

    Goodonya for spreading the knitterly love!! 🙂

    And what lace project are you working on? I’m curious.


  2. Heather Narbit
    Nov 17, 2008 @ 16:41:10

    Ice Queen. Remember that capelet thing that y’all didn’t think would fit over my shoulders? It didn’t. 😉 That’s what I ripped out; and ripping out mohair is NO fun!


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