The Facebook Hole

My husband had to work last Saturday. When he came home, I was staring intently at my computer. Without looking up, I moaned, “I fell in the Facebook hole.” I’ve resisted the temptation of surfing at work (except a quick friend confirmation here and there), but it’s a definite time waster! What’s amazing is that in just 8 days I managed to find 100 friends, mostly high school and college friends I’d lost track of with a few childhood friends thrown in for good measure. The best feeling is when someone you thought had surely forgotten you friends you.

 It’s really interesting to see where people have ended up and what they’re doing. It’s funny to see that high school really isn’t a great indicator of who you will become. Looking back, it’s true of my own life for sure. As cliched as it sounds, I “discovered” myself in college. It makes sense that others had the same transformative experience.

 Oh, Facebook, how I love my friends’ funny status updates. Thank you for helping me stay connected to my buds!


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  1. Ms. Darline
    Nov 22, 2008 @ 13:31:29

    Hello Heather,

    Jo saw you on the American Press, and sent it to me.. I am a old friend of your mothers’ when you lived in MB.
    I enjoy knitting as well.
    Are you are Ravelry?


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