Tubular, dude! AKA techniques that have changed my life

There was a week last month where I learned two new knitting techniques within days. I was so excited that I wanted to blog about them instantly, but equally excited to continue using the techniques and keep working on my projects, so I just kept on knitting.

1. Tubular Cast On: I used the explanation here.  My pattern didn’t explain the technique at all, which sort of bothered me at the time. I understand pattern writers can’t break down every single little thing, but I’d never heard of the tubular cast on before, so I needed a bit of help. In a moment of genius (inspired by knowing that I learned technique #2 the same way), I searched Knitty.com’s archive.The tutorial there isn’t perfect (it took me two minutes to figure out the “backwards loop cast on”), but it’s pretty good. The end result is a beautifully finished edge that isn’t as thick as you may think. I’m going to look for reasons to use this again in the future. It took a little extra time, but was TOTALLY worth it.

 2. Russian Join:  Knitty linked me to this tutorial. It’s really genius. I’ve used it for every project since! I’m sort of kicking myself, because I’d heard it described almost a year ago on my favorite podcast, Stash and Burn. The beauty of the Russian Join is that it eliminates the need to weave in ends when you add a new ball of yarn into a project! That is my least favorite task, so this has really improved the quality of my knitting life. I’ve been suspicious of the spit splice, and frankly unable to make it work. The Russian Join is even better, though, because it works on any fiber content! Caveat: I have been knitting with Noro Kureyon almost exclusively since going on this kick, and it’s a thick-and-thin yarn that hides all manner of sins. I may change my mind about the Russian Join the next time I’m using a more uniform yarn. I did use it first, however, on Kid Silk Night and Dream in Color Classy, which are as uniform as they come!


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  1. twistedtexan
    Dec 19, 2008 @ 19:06:45

    Hee! I felt so smart the first time I figured out how to do the tubular cast-on. 🙂 Haven’t tried the Russian join yet, though.


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