Not much knitting lately

So I haven’t picked up my sticks much lately, but I got a book in the mail that I want to review: “Natural Dyeing” by Jackie Crook. I haven’t tested any of her recipes yet, but I’m blown away by the detailed photos. With each formula for dye she offers, she shows how the different mordants affect the final color. The swatches she shows are beautiful and helpful. My one issue with the book is the lack of a resource listing. I really don’t know where I’m supposed to find chrome and iron mordants. I think the local spinning shop may have some, but I haven’t looked yet.

I’m a little overwhelmed by the chapter on safety. I know I have the preconceived notion that “natural” means “safe,” but I guess arsenic is natural and it’s poisonous. The masks, gloves, “dust-proof aprons,” etc. have tamped down my excitement about trying to dye for real. It may just be Kool-Aid for me for awhile still, but just having this beautiful and detailed how-to manual makes me a little happier.

 I may go low-tech and just dump some wool in boiled blueberries to see what happens at some point. 😉


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  1. Yolande
    Jan 26, 2009 @ 18:53:43

    Actually, the historical village here dyes all their yarn with fruits and vegetables. They got some amazing orange shades with pumpkin and squash. I covet one particular intense shade of orangey-red…

    By the way, I adore the socks you made me. I think they’re the nicest socks I’ve ever owned. The pattern and colours are so pretty, and they’re really comfortable and fit perfectly. The knitting is so detailed and precise – the many people I’ve shown them to (including avid knitters) have been in awe!


  2. Heather Narbit
    Jan 26, 2009 @ 19:06:16

    When I get up there to visit, I definitely want to visit the village! I’m so glad you like the socks! I was disappointed with the way the colors swirled around instead of mixing evenly, but then the psychedelic effect began to grow on me. Did I tell you, the colorway is called “Pride”? I was hoping for some nice rainbows, but oh well.


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