No knitting

I didn’t get much knitting done this week, but hubby finished tiling the bathroom and got these as a treat. Why would he want four little bags in different colors?

IMG_4681For one of his games, of course!


Ravelry party in Austin

I heard a month or so ago that Jess, Casey and Mary-Heather would be in Austin on Valentine’s Day for a Ravelry party at The Knitting Nest. It didn’t take much persuading to convince my husband that it would be a good time to take a trip to visit our friends over there.So voila! I got to meet the gang! I felt a little shy and overwhelmed by the BIG crowd, but Jess and Mary-Heather were soooo nice. I lost Casey in the crowd by the time I decided I should say hi. Even Dolores was there!

Some of my knitting buds from Clear Lake were driving over, and I unfortunately missed out on connecting with them. Logistics are hard with multiple groups! We also had Clear Lake folks in town because of the marathon who we were unable to connect with. We spent lots of time playing with a cute baby, though, and drinking fancy coffee drinks with our pals. Oh, and I won a prize from Cascade Yarns at the Ravelry party! M-H is right, Cascade was very generous! The Knitting Nest carries a HUGE variety of their yarn, and I ended up with a skein of Lana d’Oro, some needles, and a beanie bear!

If you’re a knitter/crocheter and you’re NOT on Ravelry, what are you waiting for? Imagine Facebook, LibraryThing and Flickr rolled into one with a cherry on top!

(Thanks to another Jess for taking photos of me being a knitting celebrity stalker. I know you read this.)


The right tool for the job

I just got a new pizza cutter yesterday. When I pulled out our old one to throw it away, I couldn’t help but laugh. No wonder why we always had trouble cutting pizza with it! It’s tee-tiny!

I finished my sock club socks last night! I had bought new double-pointed needles to start them with, but I was sorely disappointed in the new needles. I try not to be negative, but I snapped two size 0’s Brittany birch needles within the first two inches of the first cuff. I’ve NEVER snapped a sock needle before. I bought these because I could only find four of my Clover Takumi bamboo needles, and I much prefer using five. The Brittany needles come in packs of six with a note about how such small needles are fragile, and that’s why the give you an extra. I should’ve known better.

After snapping the two needles, I made due with my four Takumi bamboo needles and they held up beautifully. Not having a LYS nearby sort of sucks, by the way. The only size 0’s I could find in the area were metal ones at JoAnn’s in a pack with other small sock size needles. Metal needles get sticky in my hands for some reason, so I always opt for wooden needles. The next time I’m at a shop, I’ll certainly grab some extra bambo needles!Having the right tools makes all the difference, doesn’t it? This is the quickest I’ve ever knit a pair of socks! I loved the pattern and was excited to see the finished product. I wore these to work today, and I’m in love with them!


Rockin' Socks!

The January shipments of the Rockin’ Sock Club by Blue Moon Fiber Arts started arriving in people’s mailboxes last week. I’d considered joining the club, but I hate a lack of control. What if I hate the yarn? What if I hate the patterns? What if … who knows?

Anyway, people started posting pictures of the pattern, of the yarn, of the BEADS! What? Beaded socks?!?! Beautiful blue yarn? I had to get in on this!

So my package arrived today. Feast your eyes!