What a difference a week makes


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Chunky yarn, awesome pattern. I have one sleeve started. Seaming will start this week probably. This is knitting up soooo quickly! Knitting mojo has returned. Also making an appearance is my March Socks That Rock Rockin’ Sock Club shipment! I can’t wait to start!


Heather and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

It hasn’t been a children’s story over here. I’ve been cranky and upset all day (with good cause) despite catching up on laundry today and getting yardwork done yesterday. Just at the height of my peeve-ment, I realized my cell phone screen had gone blank. No calls will come or go. It’s dead, dead, dead. Thankfully, we had an old phone sitting around, but I don’t like it at all.

In the midst of licking my wounds, I realized where my knitting mojo had gone. I’m upset with everything I’m knitting right now. The Auburn Camp Shirt is slow going. I like the pattern, I like the yarn, I just detest such slow progress. The beret (Rav link because I couldn’t find a site) I’m making has stumped me with the power of math, so it’s in limbo until I can figure out how to translate worsted cables into chunky cables. The answer to the problem? Cast on something new! I pulled out a pattern, some yarn, and voila! I’m happy to be knitting again! Of course, I picked a pattern with chunky yarn that requires no algebra.* Hopefully I’ll see some quick progress!

*FYI, I feel I must dispell the “girls hate math” meme it seems I’m repeating. I don’t hate math, I hate that I didn’t think through the fact that the yarn picked wouldn’t work with the pattern. I fell into a bad pattern scenario because of my poor planning. I know I can do the math, I’m just dreading it because it won’t be easy converting the cables so drastically.

Still no knitting

IMG_4698Saturday was given to “cooking” (quotes explained in a second) and Sunday was given to gardening. All week, I’ve been too busy to knit except for a row here or there on the Auburn Camp Shirt.

Yesterday hubby and I got it in our heads to make gelato and cookies in order to make our own ice cream sandwiches. We used this recipe for the cookies and a recipe from this book for the gelato. And was it good, you ask? Check out Phil’s reaction. We’ve learned the best way to make ice cream sandwiches is to freeze them for a few hours before eating them. Otherwise you get a soupy, mushy mess with the freshly dipped ice cream. What was for dinner? Frozen pizza. Thus my above quotes. Cookies and gelato hardly constitues cooking.


Today, I visited my thoughtful neighbor from a few houses down and picked up some plants she offered me. She half stocked our garden! This year we’ll be growing cucumbers, bell peppers, cayenne, jalapenos, tomatoes, strawberries and butternut squash. We also have the following herbs: basil, sage, rosemary, lavender and lemon balm. In fact, all but the basil survived the winter! The rosemary, lavender and lemon balm were so prolific I had to pot them to free up space in my garden.

I also went out in the rain to find a strawberry pot. My sequoia strawberry survived the winter and made itself a friend. Plus, it was so big, I divided it. Along with one pot of quinault strawberries I bought, the pot was nearly full! I plan to stick some pretty flowers in the top to round it out.

Any good garden tips out there? I’m basically a lucky novice still. What are you growing this spring?


Auburn Camp Shirt

Progress is slow on this one! A laceweight shirt is not a short project. I’ve got about another 1.5 inches until the bust shaping on the back here. Yup, this is it. About three months of knitting here. It’s sort of soul crushing. It’s hard for me to pick it up because I know my daily progress won’t be visible. It does accrue, though.

Talk about a small world. I was wearing a McNeese shirt at the mall this evening, standing next to Hubby in the Cinnabon line. (I had gelato from Paciugo, no cinnamon buns for me.) A guy noticed my shirt and turned out to be from a church I used to attend! MSU represent!

True confessions from the gym

After taking a few months off, I went back to my gym tonight. I usually go around 1 p.m., so the 7 p.m. crowd was new to me. Here are some random thoughts I had while there. 

  • The sweaty/musty smell in the locker room doesn’t bother me.
  • The icky, stains in the whirlpool do bother me, but I get in anyway. Unless the creepy guy is in there. I don’t know why I can get in AFTER him, but I just can’t stand being in with him.
  • The spinning instructor must travel from gym to gym in this chain. I used to see him in West U, where my friend and I nicknamed him Ben Stiller because he’s such a parody of a spinning instructor. Tonight’s the first time I’ve seen him here. I wasn’t in the class, thank goodness. I’ll have to scope out his regularity as one can only stand so much winking, lip-licking and innuendo.
  • Lunch hour is definitely a better time to go to the gym. It was easy to get an elliptical, but hard to find free machines upstairs tonight.
  • Swimming was relaxing, but maybe not wise given my asthma flare ups in the past week. I think my lungs are thankful for the exercise anyway.
  • I am scared of the steam room. I have actually bolted out of the door when the steam turned on before. I may be a might bit too twitchy for that particular luxury.
  • I like the smell of chlorine on my skin. I think this harkens back to early memories of playing in our above-ground pool as a kid and my association with the fact my dad’s company makes the chemicals.
  • I feel like a wimp when I’m on the elliptical rather than the track, but my knee’s been bugging me. The track offers more amusement. I once was continously lapped by a guy who was singing aloud to his iPod, but didn’t know the lyrics. Thus, I’d hear something like: “hm, hum, huh, hm, oh baby! Hm, hum, huh …” and then the next verse as he came by again. So freakin’ funny. You don’t get that on the ellipticals.
  • There is actually a guy who shows up in a foil-wrapped sweat suit who sits on the floor in the steam room by the floor drain. He continually squeezes his sweat out of his suit. I’m glad he’s so polite as to sit by the drain, but dude! Gross!
  • I DO always feel better after working out. It just takes a lot to get psyched up for it sometimes. I want a predictable schedule again!!!

Boo, pollen! Yay, cream cheese!

The high pollen counts have had me down for the count. I missed a day of work last week, ended up with a migraine today. Allergies are no fun.

So, since the knitting count has been low (I’m inching along on the Auburn Camp Shirt), I thought I’d share a recipe instead. I had a fit of baking between doses of Singulair and Nasonex yesterday and ended up with a yummy treat. I LOVE the Better Homes and Gardens web site. You can save your favorite recipes in a “recipe box” to access later. You can have the site generate your shopping list for you when you choose which recipes you want to make. It’s pretty awesome.

For your enjoyment, Blueberry-Topped Lemon Cheesecake. It’s delicious. I used one pack of regular cream cheese and substituted two packs of fat-free and one pack of 1/3 less fat to cut down on the unhealthiness … a little. This recipe reminds me of my favorite cupcakes. I seem to have a thing for lemon and blueberries. Anyone else have some recipes that will help me use my Valentine’s Day gift?