True confessions from the gym

After taking a few months off, I went back to my gym tonight. I usually go around 1 p.m., so the 7 p.m. crowd was new to me. Here are some random thoughts I had while there. 

  • The sweaty/musty smell in the locker room doesn’t bother me.
  • The icky, stains in the whirlpool do bother me, but I get in anyway. Unless the creepy guy is in there. I don’t know why I can get in AFTER him, but I just can’t stand being in with him.
  • The spinning instructor must travel from gym to gym in this chain. I used to see him in West U, where my friend and I nicknamed him Ben Stiller because he’s such a parody of a spinning instructor. Tonight’s the first time I’ve seen him here. I wasn’t in the class, thank goodness. I’ll have to scope out his regularity as one can only stand so much winking, lip-licking and innuendo.
  • Lunch hour is definitely a better time to go to the gym. It was easy to get an elliptical, but hard to find free machines upstairs tonight.
  • Swimming was relaxing, but maybe not wise given my asthma flare ups in the past week. I think my lungs are thankful for the exercise anyway.
  • I am scared of the steam room. I have actually bolted out of the door when the steam turned on before. I may be a might bit too twitchy for that particular luxury.
  • I like the smell of chlorine on my skin. I think this harkens back to early memories of playing in our above-ground pool as a kid and my association with the fact my dad’s company makes the chemicals.
  • I feel like a wimp when I’m on the elliptical rather than the track, but my knee’s been bugging me. The track offers more amusement. I once was continously lapped by a guy who was singing aloud to his iPod, but didn’t know the lyrics. Thus, I’d hear something like: “hm, hum, huh, hm, oh baby! Hm, hum, huh …” and then the next verse as he came by again. So freakin’ funny. You don’t get that on the ellipticals.
  • There is actually a guy who shows up in a foil-wrapped sweat suit who sits on the floor in the steam room by the floor drain. He continually squeezes his sweat out of his suit. I’m glad he’s so polite as to sit by the drain, but dude! Gross!
  • I DO always feel better after working out. It just takes a lot to get psyched up for it sometimes. I want a predictable schedule again!!!

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