I lopped off my hair for Beautiful Lengths, a program that makes wigs for cancer patients. You can’t see in this picture, but I also got some beautiful highlights. Very subtle, but nice. I almost wish I’d gone a little lighter, but it’s been so long since I colored my hair, I was timid.

I finished knitting the Flower Basket Shawl two weeks ago but didn’t have a chance to block it until yesterday. I got inspired because I pulled the wires out to loan to a friend (yes, you!). I decided that while they were handy — and since she wouldn’t get them for a day or two — I may as well bite the bullet and do it. It worked out wonderfully! I’m really pleased with this knit! I think I’m going to make a smaller scarf-like version as well with my leftover yarn.

During blocking:IMG_4857
Close-up of motif:IMG_4860
The final product:IMG_4874


May Rockin' Sock Club shipment

This arrived on Saturday.

But I only picked it up Monday because this is how my weekend went:

Thursday: picked friends up from the airport
Friday: worked all day and drank some sketchy coffee after lunch then worked on decorations for a friend’s baby shower
Saturday: was violently ill from sketchy coffee but went to St. Arnold’s tour with friends in spite of it – BAD IDEA, but at least I only drank water
Sunday: hosted a baby shower for my godson’s parents
Monday: Baby shower aftermath, then some fun in Houston (terra cotta warriors, Hobbit Cafe, Chocolate Bar)
Tuesday: Still feeling like I was hit by a truck. Ugh

I think this is the weirdest thing ever. WHY send out an inside joke to a group of people who aren’t all in on it?

Secret no more

I knit a pair of socks for my husband! It took about two weeks to knit the first one for two reasons: (1) While it’s a nice manly ribbed pattern, the four-row repeat is essentially a two-row repeat with a variation and it’s mind-numbingly boring to continue for too long. (2) I was trying to hide them from him and not let him see me knitting them.

Then I realized our anniversary was getting very close. I knit the last sock in less than a week by sheer force of will and by understanding that even if he saw me knitting a large sock, he wouldn’t figure out it was for him. I seamed the toe the night before our anniversary.

Sure enough, after being very excited by the socks and trying them on, he asked if he’d seen me knitting them. I nodded. He couldn’t remember at all. It’s really easy to surprise some people.

The pattern is Retro Rib Socks from Favorite Socks and the yarn is Malabrigo Sock in Chocolate Amargo. They’re probably a little warm for a Third Coast summer, but the color and pattern are just right for a guy who wears brown socks with black shoes.

Unfortunately, those are my feet in the picture. He wasn’t around to model, so don’t hold the poor fit against me.

Anyone following the saga of my poor MacBook Pro, all is well. I took the lappy and battery into my local Apple Store and the Mac Genius grabbed me a new battery from the back for free. Apparently my laptop was part of the line that had those widespread problems with exploding batteries. I’m just glad I caught quickly after it happened.

Rogue Roses

Sorry for my short absence. I was sick last week, and then my internet went out this week. A repairman’s coming tomorrow because there seems to be a problem with the cable overall, not just the modem. I’m sitting in a local coffee shop a short walk away from my house with some other free-internet-aholics.

And of course, I had some wonderful blog ideas while without internet. Sadly, I have little access to any of my resources.

I realized that I never blogged about my last sock club socks. I finished them in about a week, and I LOVE them. When I first saw the yarn online, I wasn’t very excited. The colors would not have been my pick, but they work with this pattern nicely.


Another random observation: my laptop is used almost solely on my lap. It’s really weird trying to type at a table. I also realized when I picked it up today that the battery’s buckling weirdly. Has anyone else seen this with a MacBook Pro? The battery’s working OK; it seems to be making al lthe important connections. It looks like the backing on it, that should be flush with the bottom of my computer, warped badly, however. It makes my computer rock weirdly on this table.

Tomorrow’s my second wedding anniversary! I’m working furiously on a secret project that may not be done. Shh!