What I've been up to

Long time, no post! That’s not like me! I have to update my project pictures before I can give a true accounting of where my time has gone, but in all honesty, I can’t talk about the bulk of it. I’ve been knitting and working on a pattern (my first!) that’s been submitted to a knitting publication. The rule is, you can’t talk about your work until it’s been published or declined. I’m hoping for the first, but I’m prepared for the latter. If it gets rejected, I may submit to one other place, but after that, I’ll just post it here for free. I have no illusions about my talent as a designer; I have none. The pattern is a fun little knit, though, and it’s been very useful for me.

As I haven’t been knitting on much other than my stealth project, I ‘ll have to leave you with some cute cat pictures. This is a knitting blog, after all.




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