A contest and free patterns!

Hurry, because it ends tomorrow. One of my favorite bloggers posted the link to a publisher’s contest. There are also a number of free knitting, sewing and other craft project instructions they made available for download. Go! Now!

On the other fronts, part of my interim was because I started a new job. Rather, I’m working at the same place but with some new duties. Combine that with the big event we’re planning for Tuesday, and life has been rather hectic. And then the internet really did go out for an entire weekend, my preferred blogging time.

Everything seems on track now. I think I’m getting used to my new routine. I’ve been knitting during my lunch break, and I’ve invited some co-workers to join me. Some already knit or crochet, some have asked to learn. We’ll see if that gets off the ground.

I’m flying through the gussets on the last STR club shipment because September’s already on its way to me. It may be sitting in my mailbox for all I know. (I didn’t check yesterday.) I’ll report back soon with some finished socks and some pictures of the ones to come.


Sorry I'm MIA

I’ve been having internet problems at home that should be rectified very soon. So I can’t really share any pictures.

I’ve finished the star blanket at long last, but have yet to give it to the recipient, so that’s pending. I’ve been trying to finish up the July sock club socks as September should be arriving soon. It’s like pulling teeth, though, as I’m really hating the pooling. Auburn Camp Shirt work continues.

Regularly scheduled programming should resume very soon.

Third time is the charm

My first attempt at a star-shaped baby blanket was a catastrophic failure. Knitting from the inside out, I wasn’t able to balance my increases and decreases while growing the blanket outward. In short, I got a sombrero-like mess.

On my second attempt, I gave in on the star-shape and instead found a star lace motif. This pattern, however, even with my improvisations needed more yarn than I had on hand, so it also got ripped.

The third attempt is finally on track. I gave up knitting all together and went with crochet, which is much better suited to a star shape in one piece. Voila! In a few more weeks, I should have a baby blanket sized star! Sadly, the intended godson is having his birthday party today, so, well, it’s a bit of a fail.

FYI, what’s going on just out of the camera’s eye: