Third time is the charm

My first attempt at a star-shaped baby blanket was a catastrophic failure. Knitting from the inside out, I wasn’t able to balance my increases and decreases while growing the blanket outward. In short, I got a sombrero-like mess.

On my second attempt, I gave in on the star-shape and instead found a star lace motif. This pattern, however, even with my improvisations needed more yarn than I had on hand, so it also got ripped.

The third attempt is finally on track. I gave up knitting all together and went with crochet, which is much better suited to a star shape in one piece. Voila! In a few more weeks, I should have a baby blanket sized star! Sadly, the intended godson is having his birthday party today, so, well, it’s a bit of a fail.

FYI, what’s going on just out of the camera’s eye:


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