November already?!?!

The holidays are often stressful for knitters. Who to knit for? What to make? Will I have enough time? I sort of backed into my own method of deciding: I only knit for two people each Christmas. It’s my mom and dad’s turn this year as I realized that they’re the only remaining family members I haven’t knit for! It’s also convenient that my mom saw the Flower Basket Shawl I knit myself and instantly said, “I can have one.” She picked out a brown lace, and it’s already nearing the half-way point.

My dad is a little harder to figure out. He’s the type who just gets whatever he needs or wants and is thus very hard to shop/knit for. Living on the Third Coast (I’m personally trying to get that to become THE term for the Gulf Coast), he doesn’t have much need for winterwear except for business trips where it’s often necessary. He’s not big on accessories, though. My mom’s advocating for felted slippers (like these and these), but I’m not sure they’re the win. I thought about making him a nice scarf for those work trips or even a pair of socks, but mom didn’t think those would go over as well. I’ve already got the yarn for the slippers, so we’ll see how this goes.

In other holiday news, I’ve got a tree skirt I began cross-stitching … oh, I don’t know … like eight years ago that I haven’t touched in six or so years. I should finish that. I’d also like to knit my husband and me our own stockings, but that may wait for next year.

Who are you knitting for? Any holiday knitting traditions out there? Any patterns you want to share?

And because I don’t have any knitting photos: some gratuitous cat photos.






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  1. Kristen
    Nov 08, 2009 @ 19:45:32

    No holiday knitting for me this year, which is a relief. 😉

    (And I adore your kitty photos!)


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