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I finally updated photos for all my works in progress. These are the argyle socks I self-designed. Not sure when they’ll ever get finished. I didn’t think through the problem of argyle socks in the round. The patterns I found on Ravelry were mostly knit flat and seamed, which I was previously opposed to. By knitting in the round, however, I have to move the bobbins of color back and forth, which could lead to some potentially HUGE floats in the back. Knitting flat doesn’t do this because you naturally move your yarn from side to side. In the round, you leave your yarn at the end of the pattern and then it’s not where you need it when you come back around. I’ve added extra bobbins in the longest repeat areas so the floats aren’t as big. It’s still a huge waste of yarn, though. And it’s collasally annoying to deal with the dozens of bobbins I have inside this small tube.

The Auburn Camp Shirt is coming along nicely. I’m on the second front. I’ve put it aside to try to finish up the last Socks That Rock shipment, but I keep going back and forth so neither’s getting done.

I cast on Monday for a calorimetry for a friend and finished it Tuesday evening when a friend came over to knit (special requests that only take a few hours are highly encouraged). I can’t wait to give it to her (hi, Jess).

This has been a musical weekend: “Sweeney Todd” and “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” both came from Netflix. Any other recommendations?


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  1. Jessica
    Jan 19, 2010 @ 14:05:34

    I can’t wait for us to make it down there to receive it. Any good dates from Phil yet?

    Across the Universe is a great movie/musical if you like the Beatles


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