Sounds and Smells

My car’s in the shop for the fourth night out of 2 weeks. It sounds so trivial on the grand scheme of things, but I hate being without my car. I have errands to run, things to do, a knitting group to attend, but instead I’m at home. (I love our mechanics, but I really hoped they had fixed it the first time!) I baked a pumpkin cheesecake to perk myself up. It smells wonderful: like a mixture of pumpkin pie and cream cheese. I can’t wait to try it!

Hubby’s upstairs speaking French to himself. More correctly, he’s repeating French phrases. He’s decided to learn a little francais before an upcoming trip we have yet to solidify. It’s a good sign. Myself, I’ve stopped counting the number of years I’ve given to the belle langue without achieving fluency. If you drop me in the middle of Paris, I could find my hotel. I couldn’t do it artfully, but I’d be able to get directions and get home. Do I need more? (I’d love to be fluent, but I’d have to find a way to practice to make that happen.)

Speaking of directions, Rick Steves’ guidebooks are amazing. I started reading his Provence book from the beginning. It’s packed full of really useful information, even for experienced travelers. Do you have any tips for someone heading to the south of France? Please share!

I’ve progressed on the Auburn Camp Shirt. I’m at the bust shaping on the final shirt piece. After this: seaming, sleeves and collars and then I’m done! Maybe I can wear it in the Provencal countryside.


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