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Major knitting on the Auburn Camp Shirt is done. It’s blocking now. (I fixed some of that weirdness after taking the photo.)

Now all I have to do is seam, knit sleeves and a collar. Did I mention I started this late December 2008? It is laceweight. And I did keep up with a sock club all last year. Still, that’s a long time to keep knitting the same thing!



I feel like my writing, like my knitting, is going nowhere. Sometimes you have those long slogs in life where there’s nothing exciting, nothing interesting, just plain nothing going on. It’s hard to get excited about anything because there’s just the daily grind.

I finally finished the last sock club sock from 2009. I didn’t end up joining any clubs this year. I considered a few, but then I looked at my immoral stash of sock yarn and realized there were a lot of really cool socks I’ve been waiting to knit but couldn’t because of the continual sock club shipments. It’s not a bad problem, but one I hope to rectify. I have some self-designed argyle socks on the needles right now for Hubby. They’re going to take forever!

The Auburn Camp Shirt is still coming along (slog). I’ve reached the arm hole on the second front piece, so not too much more to do. After this piece is done, it’s just sleeves, stitching and collar. *sigh* Another two or three months at this pace. It better be worth it!

I’m dreaming about casting on another project. I may finally rip out the Sweet Pea Coat I knit too small. That knit up quickly the first time. Maybe I should stop typing and go do that …

In the Spirit of Tabby Tuesdays*

As most good knitting blogs (but definitely not all) contain some cat content, here you go (sorry for the huge blank space, but WordPress makes the formatting I want almost impossible):

The sun was streaming through the windows by the couch, so I pulled out my camera to take a picture of Madeleine, our torti. She only has one look for the camera.
Hello. You can leave now.
Then our part-Maine Coon, Plato, saw the camera. He LOVES the camera, so he moved from the non-camera part of the couch to get closer.
Iz OK I sit here?
I’m gonna pose gud!
Giv ’em my moody luk!
Now iz sewius.
Haughty, yes, iz cen spelz haughty.
Supwized, sorta
Come here, sumbeem!
U gettin’ tis? Iz kute!
Make shure dey know I has long arms!
Ok, dat’s enuf.
OK, now, last won. Pwomis.

*Title is an homage to Turtlegirl’s most excellent blog where her cats Calvin and Ripple are even more amusing.

**And happy belated blogiversary to me! January 27 made two years!