My love/hate relationship with running

I had a personal first this weekend. I ran a marathon relay with my husband and two friends. I can’t quite recall how far some of my long-distance track practices went in high school, but I think 6.5 miles may be the farthest I’ve ever run. I loved it. Despite the cold wind and muddy trail, it was a great day and lots of fun. Our team placed 18th out of 34, which was about what we expected.

Training is a chore for me. I don’t feel highly motivated to get out and run. I enjoy it (usually) once I get out there, though. I especially like pushing my limits and feeling impressed with myself when I meet or surpass my goals.

I’m considering doing a super sprint distance triathlon in May. It’s really soon after I return from vacation, so that’s one knock against it. I’m borrowing a friend’s bike, and I need to get out to ride. This race is super short, though, so I feel pretty confident that I can be ready. I did a longer triathlon about 5 years ago and survived.


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