Breaking news

I just cast off the very last stitch on the Auburn Camp Shirt!!! All of the seaming is done, but I need to put on the buttons and weave in a few of the very last strands. It’s been a year and four months in the making, but it is done!

I plan to post a very special picture of it in two weeks. I’m going to be without reliable internet until then. See you on the flip side!


I'm With CoCo

So what was the secret birthday present I was crocheting? A Conan O’Brien doll! There’s definitely art involved with amigurumi. I think the original that the pattern designer made is a little cuter than mine, but the pattern was wonderfully detailed. Little Conan went on a ride with me to pick out his eyes. Then he was seated into a gift bag to go meet Stephanie, who’s promised to take him to see real-life Conan on his upcoming comedy tour.

This pattern made me laugh as soon as I saw it. The beard and coat are both removable. I couldn’t find a good flesh-colored yarn, so this Conan is extra albino-ish. All the more realistic, maybe.

I’m no good at surprises. I get too excited and want to tell, so I was proud that I kept this hidden from Steph for a whole two weeks. I kept cracking up every time I imagined her seeing him.

What did I get for my birthday? A spinning wheel!!!

Here’s Hubby putting it together:

Here’s Hubby trying his hand at spinning:

And here’s a very dark photo of my first yarn (from this roving in a green colorway):