Vacation: Day 6

We were exhausted after Carcassonne and a little sick of driving, so on this day we opted to stay in Avignon and spent more time exploring “our” city. We tried to do a better job of documenting where we stayed. Here are pictures of our apartment stairs and our balcony view:



Our apartment was in Place St. Didier, a square that once served as the wood and silk market for Avignon. Also, an execution place. According to the historical marker below, a botched execution led to a public uprising that did away with executions in this area.

I found a knitting store! This picture doesn’t do it justice as it was closed on Monday. The store was very cute, and the man who ran it was very patient with me (I visited twice). They had Phildar, Bouton d’Or, Katia and maybe one or two other lines. The selection was pretty small, but decent. I was surprised to see cashmere, mohair and other natural fibers. I tried to talk Phil into letting me take home some pure silk, but I ended up with two balls of purple merino DK. Good enough.


We walked down Place de la Republique, the main street in old Avignon, in search of a post office. I’ve found that each trip to a francophone nation has given me a new vocabulary word that seems to be The Word of The Trip. When we went to Tahiti, The Word of The Trip was “timbre” for stamp. I’d never heard it before, and we happened to be sending lots of postcards. It came in handy this trip!


We found my favorite ice cream bar. This goes back to an old friend who taught me to look for Magnum bars while overseas. I’ve found them in every single country I’ve looked, except for the U.S. I always make Phil hold up the label for a photo. (As far as I can remember, I’ve had Magnum bars in Mexico, French Polynesia, France, Israel, the Netherlands and China.)


We headed back towards the St. Benezet bridge and climbed up the Dog Tower. From the top of the tower, you walk a short bit of rampart, then head up stairs to the Rocher Des Doms. At the top is a stunning view of Villeneuve Les Avignon.





Rocher Des Doms is a beautiful garden tucked between the city walls and the papal palace. It’s wonderfully communal, with tourists and locals all enjoying the views and the picnic areas.

We visited the cathedral next to the papal palace. Benedict XII is buried there; the sign was in Latin and I was proud to know enough to be able to read it.


We ended the day with some tapenade and chevre from the grocer in the square below combined with a baguette from Les Halles and a bottle of wine from our dear friends on Day 3. It was a pretty good day!



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