Quick Getaway

My husband and I took a quick trip this weekend. We left Friday morning and headed to San Antonio, where we stayed in a cute bed and breakfast. Their breakfast was as great as our room. We ran ourselves ragged on Friday, heading to happy hour at the Tower of the Americas. Me, being terrified of heights, had to look inward as the elevator went up the tower. Once upstairs, I was OK with the view for the most part. I was happy when we were back on the ground, though. We headed to the Riverwalk and took a boat tour, had dinner at an unremarkable place and just wandered around.

Saturday, we went to the Alamo and visited the diorama in the History Shop (who knew Phil Collins was so into Texas history?). We went back to the Riverwalk for lunch at Boudro’s. Then we visited the four other nearby missions. I’m such a huge National Park Service geek, I actually have an NPS passport (though I never remember to bring it). A ranger at one of the missions gave me one of the hidden stamps and I sort of freaked out. I’ve gotten a bonus stamp here or there, but never a hidden stamp.

While resting our feet at Mission San Juan, we actually ran into a couple we know. None of us knew the others were planning to visit San Antonio, so we were all pretty amazed to find each other in such a random place.

We were exhausted after all the missions, but we headed back into town and had an amazing dinner at Rosario’s. We spent the rest of the evening relaxing next to the river, reading and knitting respectively.

We had our delicious breakfast this morning, then headed home, stopping at Buc-ee’s for a quick break.

Back to work for me tomorrow; hubby still had a few more days off.


The Life You Save May Be My Own

I know all of you are too kind, too smart and too beautiful to ever drive rudely, but please pass this reminder on to people you know.

Bicycles are vehicles and state law mandates that they are to be operated on the road in a safe manner. Bicyclists are not pedestrians and are not to be on sidewalks unless that’s the only option.

Many states and cities (neither Texas nor Houston among them, but hurray for Louisiana) mandate that cars must maintain a 3-foot cushion between bicycles.

Believe me, we feel bad that we slow you down momentarily, but we feel worse when you knock us down in your rush to beat us to the red light. I use my bike to get around to places nearby my house, and I’m training for a long bike ride. There’s no way I can do these things on residential streets.

Yes, I was knocked down today by a jerk who apparently didn’t know he was supposed to get over to pass me. I yelled at him and his response was, “You should be on the sidewalk.” A) He’s wrong and I told him. B) Even if he was right, he should still have gotten over for safety’s sake.


This week was really busy at work, so I’ve been keeping my head down. School starts next week, so we’ve all been busy with various projects and anticipating that first week/month crush.

Knitting wise, more of the same. I’m working on a store sample for Upstairs Studio and it’s big and complicated. It’s going to be beautiful, though. I’ve been using my lunch break to get through a few rows on the henley I’m knitting for myself.

On the kitty-cat front, the two of them are laying in their cat beds on the window sill right now. They’re ridiculously cute.



What have you been up to?

In which I decide this blog will have lots less knitting content

The other day, I was thinking about how I needed to blog, and I realized I was dreading it. I dreaded it because it meant taking pictures, uploading them, tagging them, then writing a blog post and linking to those pictures. It’s not just writing, it’s logistics. Sometimes I want to just sit down and write. About things that are important to me.

For instance, I exercised a lot today. I’m exhausted and redfaced. I did a triathlon a few years back, but my swimming’s pretty bad and the only upcoming triathlon is far too close for me to consider. I’m toying with the idea of a duathlon. There’s one this fall that requires a 2 mile run, 12 mile bike ride, 2 mile run. I haven’t ridden a bike since that tri 5 years ago, so I’m working on that first. Today I rode to my neighborhood pool where I swam a few laps, then sat to dry a little. I hopped on the bike, then tooled around the neighborhood until I was ready to fall over. I’m trying to build up my “share the road” confidence and briefly ventured onto one busy street. I bailed on another, though, and stuck to the sidewalk.peach

So now I’m sitting here on the couch drinking my Peachee and thinking about what I’d like this blog to become. I enjoy thoughtful conversations with thoughtful people about all kinds of things: crafts, books, movies, food, politics, travel. The blogs I enjoy reading most aren’t controversial. No one whacks you over the head with what they think, but they do inspire thought. And laughter. And creativity.

I’m going to give myself permission to write about something other than knitting when I want to. As has probably been evident sometimes, I’ve forced myself to write about yarn previously when I wasn’t that excited about it. But many of the best knitting blogs contain little in the way of knitting content. So I’m not going to fret anymore. I’ll let the spirit take me where it does, and hopefully I’ll flex my writing muscles a little along the way.

One Big Update Post

Last weekend I dyed yarn with some friends at Upstairs Studio in LaPorte. We used Kool-Aid and Wilton’s icing dye. We had a ton of fun and made some beautiful yarn. I used this photo for inspiration as all of Houston was in the midst of corpse flower craze when I was buying dye. My yarn turned out beautiful, but surprising. I was using violet, burgundy, rose and black, but I got some traces of blue. In the semi-solid worsted weight, I even got a shock of bright blue.

The process we used went like this. We soaked the yarn in a water/vinegar mix until it was saturated. We rung the skeins out, then put them into Crock pots full of enough hot water to cover the yarn. (If using Kool-Aid, we mixed the packets in before adding the yarn.) Then we dissolved the cake dye in a little bit of hot water and poured it over the yarn. I flipped mine over in the Crock pot to cover both sides. We left them in the hot water until the water was clear, then we pulled them out and took them outside to dry.




I’m about a quarter of the way through Veronique Avery’s Cap Sleeve Henley.


And I’m cruising through my toe socks.


I’m on the tail-end of a wonderful knitting club. Next month is the last installment before she switches it to PDF-only. I really enjoy the kits she sends out, though. She spins/dyes the yarn herself and includes all the supplies you could possibly need. I love the quick patterns and the cute ideas.