One Big Update Post

Last weekend I dyed yarn with some friends at Upstairs Studio in LaPorte. We used Kool-Aid and Wilton’s icing dye. We had a ton of fun and made some beautiful yarn. I used this photo for inspiration as all of Houston was in the midst of corpse flower craze when I was buying dye. My yarn turned out beautiful, but surprising. I was using violet, burgundy, rose and black, but I got some traces of blue. In the semi-solid worsted weight, I even got a shock of bright blue.

The process we used went like this. We soaked the yarn in a water/vinegar mix until it was saturated. We rung the skeins out, then put them into Crock pots full of enough hot water to cover the yarn. (If using Kool-Aid, we mixed the packets in before adding the yarn.) Then we dissolved the cake dye in a little bit of hot water and poured it over the yarn. I flipped mine over in the Crock pot to cover both sides. We left them in the hot water until the water was clear, then we pulled them out and took them outside to dry.




I’m about a quarter of the way through Veronique Avery’s Cap Sleeve Henley.


And I’m cruising through my toe socks.


I’m on the tail-end of a wonderful knitting club. Next month is the last installment before she switches it to PDF-only. I really enjoy the kits she sends out, though. She spins/dyes the yarn herself and includes all the supplies you could possibly need. I love the quick patterns and the cute ideas.




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