The Life You Save May Be My Own

I know all of you are too kind, too smart and too beautiful to ever drive rudely, but please pass this reminder on to people you know.

Bicycles are vehicles and state law mandates that they are to be operated on the road in a safe manner. Bicyclists are not pedestrians and are not to be on sidewalks unless that’s the only option.

Many states and cities (neither Texas nor Houston among them, but hurray for Louisiana) mandate that cars must maintain a 3-foot cushion between bicycles.

Believe me, we feel bad that we slow you down momentarily, but we feel worse when you knock us down in your rush to beat us to the red light. I use my bike to get around to places nearby my house, and I’m training for a long bike ride. There’s no way I can do these things on residential streets.

Yes, I was knocked down today by a jerk who apparently didn’t know he was supposed to get over to pass me. I yelled at him and his response was, “You should be on the sidewalk.” A) He’s wrong and I told him. B) Even if he was right, he should still have gotten over for safety’s sake.


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