Quick Getaway

My husband and I took a quick trip this weekend. We left Friday morning and headed to San Antonio, where we stayed in a cute bed and breakfast. Their breakfast was as great as our room. We ran ourselves ragged on Friday, heading to happy hour at the Tower of the Americas. Me, being terrified of heights, had to look inward as the elevator went up the tower. Once upstairs, I was OK with the view for the most part. I was happy when we were back on the ground, though. We headed to the Riverwalk and took a boat tour, had dinner at an unremarkable place and just wandered around.

Saturday, we went to the Alamo and visited the diorama in the History Shop (who knew Phil Collins was so into Texas history?). We went back to the Riverwalk for lunch at Boudro’s. Then we visited the four other nearby missions. I’m such a huge National Park Service geek, I actually have an NPS passport (though I never remember to bring it). A ranger at one of the missions gave me one of the hidden stamps and I sort of freaked out. I’ve gotten a bonus stamp here or there, but never a hidden stamp.

While resting our feet at Mission San Juan, we actually ran into a couple we know. None of us knew the others were planning to visit San Antonio, so we were all pretty amazed to find each other in such a random place.

We were exhausted after all the missions, but we headed back into town and had an amazing dinner at Rosario’s. We spent the rest of the evening relaxing next to the river, reading and knitting respectively.

We had our delicious breakfast this morning, then headed home, stopping at Buc-ee’s for a quick break.

Back to work for me tomorrow; hubby still had a few more days off.


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