Crafting can make you sore

First of all, E.A.M., if you’re reading this, stop! You can’t read it for a few more days at least!

I have a very crafty friend who LOVES making baby shower invitations by hand for all of our friends. Two years ago, just about everyone we know got pregnant, so there were four big showers each with personalized handmade invitations all designed and coordinated by E.A.M.

Now E.A.M.’s expecting! My friend S volunteered to be in charge of the invitations and had big plans. They had to be up to E.A.M.’s standards, though. And everything had to be beautiful. Everything had to be perfect.

I went along for the first trip to craft stores to help pick out supplies (with a hangover – it wasn’t pretty until I had some coffee). It took over an hour for us to hone the vision and pick out the supplies. We went back to my house to work on the prototype for a few hours. As we cut and glued and imagined, we realized we needed more supplies, so the following day we made one more big run and went back to my house to finish the proof. It was beautiful. It was perfect.

Now we needed supplies for the 31 others.

Today we met up with a couple of friends at S’s house to do the rest of the invitations. Seven hours later, I arrived back home with a sore back, sore thumbs, sore fingers and a tired brain. The invitations are done. They’re beautiful. They’re perfect.

I can’t wait for people to see them. I’ll post a picture once it’s no longer a surprise. I’m off to ice my back now … and stop typing. It really does hurt my right thumb!


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