Funny people are funny

I don’t usually write about other people, because it makes me feel weird. I know a few close friends read my blog, and even if I have only flattering things to say, it seems weird talking about people behind their backs. But I have some great knitting friends. I don’t see this group nearly enough, but they always make me laugh and inspire me with wonderful ideas. They’re a group of smart and funny ladies (and a dude).

One of them has recently begun dyeing her own yarn, which is available for purchase online. She named some of her newest colors after our mutual friends, and one skein got named after yours truly. I had to buy Rocket Pop Heather not only to share with y’all, not only because the colors are awesome, but also because I’m vain. The base, Sockalicious, is a merino/cashmere/nylon blend that feels luxurious. I can’t wait to knit it up.


My friend joked that she couldn’t think of anything but my husband’s job when she named my colorway. I granted her that “Rocket Pop Heather” sounded much better than “Library Worker Heather,” so she decided to make a “Library Worker Heather” in her Chubby base. Chubby is a DK weight superwash merino. I love how springy the yarn is.


Finally, because we met up most recently at a spinning/weaving/fiber crafts store, I had to get a little something scrumptious for my spinning wheel. They recently began carrying Frabjous Fibers, and this Merino-Sparkle Blend is not only my colors, but it has just enough glitter in it to make it special without being garish. I am so in love I can’t wait to begin spinning it.



You can't go home again … unless you do

Last week, I took a few days off of work to head back to Lake Charles for a quick visit. I got to see some good friends much too briefly, then I turned around and came home. We still have a lot to do to prepare the baby’s room and get ready for the holidays. I brought a Darrell’s special home for hubby, jalapeno mayo and gravy on the side so it didn’t get soggy.

My craze for this week has been finding a good robe. I threw away my old robe last year because it got a little weird after being washed so many times. It was perfect: long, soft, thick, warm. I don’t know why women’s robes are suddenly only knee length, but it drives me crazy. I ended up turning to the men’s section to find what I wanted. I’d share it with you, but apparently it’s not on the Target web site. I found a dark purple robe that fits just right and meets those criteria I listed.

Then for slippers. I also tossed mine last year. I started last winter with two warm pair but ended with zero. One was on its way out at the beginning of the year. They were really dirty and showing their heavy use over several years. The others were pretty new, but poorly made. They began coming apart. The replacements are a shade of purple very close to my new robe. And they were on sale!

Telling this to a younger friend today, I suddenly felt like a very old woman. So I had to show her my new lipstick/cheek stain (in Portofino).