Nursery crafts

No, I haven’t started yet, but I’m just starting to think. My first idea was to ask my bridesmaids about using their dresses for fabric for decorations. I heard a great idea once upon a time that involved cutting a bridesmaid dress in half to make curtains. You cut the dress down the middle, sew the new seams, put loops or something on the top, then reverse the pieces so that what was the middle becomes the outside edge and the hourglass shape makes the inside of the curtain.


Here is a picture of the dresses. Do you have any other ideas for nursery crafts? My friends and I have come up with lampshade, upholstered letters, decorative pillows and ruffles for furniture. You can’t see the pink very well, but there’s a bit of salmon accent at the waist and at the bottom. Another friend recommended cutting out appliques.

Now to get sewing!


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