Project Nursery update

Twenty-five weeks pregnant, and major work on the nursery is complete!


Hubby painted the wall pink and helped me rig up a projector. I’d found a picture I was trying to reproduce, so I selected the trunk, pasted it on a clear background, turned the trunk black and printed it on a transparency. Then I used our homemade projector (read: a box with a hole in it and a flashlight on a stand) to trace the trunk on the wall. I freehanded some of the detail. I also freehanded many of the leaves and all of the details on the leaves and birds. I made stencils using quilter’s plastic (freehanded the one leaf and edited an existing photo for the birds). All-in-all, it took less than 5 days, only two of those being all-day-long endeavors.

The only thing I have left furniture-wise is to buy a rocker/recliner (going shopping tonight). Then it’s just decorating. I’m still collecting ideas on what to do with 3-4 bridesmaid dresses.