Non-knitting craft: Bamboo photo display, Part 2

I’ve been meaning to share this with you. Here’s one of my honeymoon photo displays I came up with as a variation on my directions earlier.


Non-knitting craft: Bamboo photo display

Here is my first attempt at sharing a craft idea. I really did make this up myself, but I have to admit I was inspired by an old “Trading Spaces.” One of the designers used placemats as photo frames. My then-boyfriend (now husband) had just returned from Japan, and I happened to be staring at some clearance items at Pier One that seemed to make sense.

Materials needed:
Bamboo mat (mine were trimmed in black ribbon already)
Coordinating ribbon(s)
Photos (mine are 5×7, but one 8×10 or several 4×6 would work)
Picture hangers
Rubber cement
Hot glue gun/glue

Directions: I carefully measured and did some quick math to make sure the photos were centered. I used the rubber cement to affix the photos to the photo mat. Then I lined the photos with some thin ribbon (it’s actually black ribbon with white accent), using the hot glue to tack down the ribbon.

Next I flipped the mat over and used the hot glue to affix my chubby ribbon to the corners. I improvised a simple-looking bow from two equal lengths of ribbon and glued it together in the center, then wrapped the center with a small piece of ribbon.

Finally, I put a flat picture hanger in each upper corner to support the weight of the whole thing. As you can see in the pictures, my husband just stuck a thumbtack through the bow to hold that up (sigh), but a little bit of tape or an extra hanger would work.

Final tip: Bamboo mats much like these are on sale in the Dollar Spot at Target right now! Hurry!

Knitting update: Nothing motivates like realizing your nephew is due in a few short weeks! The baby blanket has become priority one! Also, my parents-in-law sent me a gift certificate for my birthday with the express note that I could use it toward yarn. Who am I to argue?!? I just so happened to have almost exactly the same amount in my Webs shopping cart. I need a bunch of Cascade 220 to make a Noni purse! (Specifically the Cherry Blossoms bag from Spring 2007.)

 ETA: Whie my bamboo mats have a very Japanese feel to them, you could decorate them however you choose. Use color pictures, add stickers or foam cut-outs, bright ribbon and make it a spring theme. Decorate with shells and turn it into a beach theme. Also, the ribbon “hanger” at top is completely unnecessary; it’s decoration only. You could leave it off all together, or design your own bow for another spot.

 I think I’m going to go buy a pack of those mats at Target and redo this craft with some honeymoon photos to show what I mean about how you can vary this project.

ETA II: Be sure NOT to use your original photos for this project, because they’ll be irrevocably wrecked! I printed those black and white pictures on inkjet photo paper. I recommend doing the same, or using a duplicate photo.