Spring is here! (already)

And now for something completely different … (a knitting break)

Can you believe how warm it is down here already? I don’t know why the weather continues to surprise me, but the temperature has me in the mood to garden.

Last year was my first attempt at a vegetable garden. I didn’t have great success. My onions and cucumbers thrived and my peppers did so-so. I can’t seem to keep herbs alive for more than a few weeks.

At the end of the season, I let one of the cucumbers stay on the vine until it went overly ripe, then I scooped out its innards. I separated the seeds from the cuke flesh and put them in a little cup in the back of my refrigerator.

Just last weekend, I pulled the seeds out and planted them in some seed starter soil. I had very low expectations. In fact, so low that I planted several seeds in each cup, expecting few if any sprouts. One week later, my seeds are germinating! I took pictures of my most successful tray, and as you can see, in one cup, all three seeds I planted are sprouting!

Some friends have agreed to form a very informal gardening co-op. We’ve decided that we’re each going to put in a little extra of one item so that we’ll each have one thing to share. I intend to share cucumbers! Looks like we’ll have plenty!

Contest Time: I have some extra seeds I haven’t put into soil yet. The first two people to post a comment get a dozen cucumber seeds. I can’t promise they’ll sprout, but you have a pretty good chance it seems! (Don’t post your address, I’ll e-mail the winners.)