Christmas pattern ideas

Margie wrote in to ask for simple pattern suggestions for adults. That’s a tricky thing to try to answer as every person’s skill level is so varied. What I’d recommend is looking for patterns within three different areas: hats, gloves/mittens, socks/slippers. If you’re a quick knitter, you may be able to churn out a simple scarf even.

Here are some pattern I would consider:




I would also recommend looking through the books “Last-Minute Knitted Gifts” and “Weekend Knitting.” Both of those are wonderful treasuries of quick and easy patterns. Your local library may have a copy, but I think you’ll use these books again and again. If you’d like to see samples of everything inside the books, you can look through the finished objects on Ravelry here and here.

Finally, you can always play off inside jokes. If someone likes elephants, you can find a pattern or improvise your own. Or you could just knit two squares with a color-work pattern and then sew them together as a pillow like I did for my husband. There are also tons of little trinkets out there that you can even turn into little ornaments.

Does anyone have any patterns they’d suggest?


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