Too much!

After finishing Girasole, I took a break from knitting for a little bit. My brain was a bit fried; I had some reading to catch up; I just wasn’t interested in holding needles again. I churned out that Amazon cozy for my friend pretty quickly and then went back on hiatus.

The shop I knit the shawl for pushed back the dates for a sock contest, so I realized I needed to work on an entry. I had 3 weeks to finish then. I knit the first sock in just a week. There were a few days I didn’t feel so well after that, though, so now I’m just onto the foot of the second. I have 3 days to finish now and I’m getting a little stressed out! I know I can do it, but now I feel like I should stop typing and go work now!

After this, I need to start serious production of ice cream cozies for an upcoming craft sale. And then there’s Christmas. I feel like everything I’ve knit in the past few months has been a deadline project and it’s taking the fun out of it for me. I have a sweater that’s been stuffed in my purse forever, a vest that I need to frog and redo plus a cardi that I cast on in a post-Girasole haze. I want to finish something fun soon!


Garage Sale the Sequel

We are exhausted. Today was our second garage sale. It wasn’t nearly as much work this time around because we had less stuff and new the game a bit better. Last time, I think I took out almost $100 in change and bills so I could break anything. This year, we used $40 of quarters, ones, fives and tens. The things you learn.

Like last year, we invited our friends to bring their stuff over for us to sell, or to come hang out with us and sip mimosas and coffee. We had a few takers, and it was a good time. Friends help pass the time!

We were pretty successful at getting rid of our junk and clearing out our garage just a little bit more. One more garage sale, and we may be able to get both cars inside! It’s really motivated Hubby to clean and organize. Hubby who’s asleep on the floor right now because he’s so exhausted. I’m trying to keep him up until at least 9 so he doesn’t get too off schedule.

I don’t feel bad for him lying on the floor, because I’m sitting on the floor. One of our “big ticket” sells was our couch and love seat. It seemed like a great idea at the time since our new couch and love seat (that we ordered over two months ago) will be delivered on Monday. Now, not so much.

The woman who bought them got a great deal and was very excited. We got to talking a bit, and she said the furniture was for her son who just got a new apartment but was currently in the hospital after a double lung transplant. I asked, and he has cystic fibrosis, like American Press reporter Brian Guilbeau did. It’s an awful condition, but this mom was really hopeful and excited to be helping her son set up his new place. She came back with her whole family and a moving van later to get the couches. They gave us some yummy cookies.

This is sort of a ramble, but by coincidence some of my friends from the American Press participated in the Great Strides walk today to benefit cystic fibrosis research. It’s a great cause, and if you’d like to consider donating, you can do so here.